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Go!! Go!! Tdm!!
Man, I hate to do this... For sure it's not about the money!

1992 Yamaha TDM $2500 OBO

This bike has its roots in the Paris Dakar ralley, its cousin bike won the Dakar twice as a 750 and four times as an 850.

The TDM has long travel suspension which gives a nice plush ride and smothes out rough roads.

It loves the twisty, poorly paved backroads that sportbikes fear to tread. Anyone know the Marshal-Petaluma road? ;-)

At nearly 55K miles, this one is a mid-lifer and is not a hanger queen by any stretch. What it is, is super reliable, dependable, capable all-rounder.

Want a bike that will pull the front wheel off the ground, easily do 100 mpg and get 42+ miles with Two people fully loaded (including the dog!)?

I just completed a full service on this bike and then took it two-up touring for five days in NorCal.

I would not hesitate to take this bike to Alaska, across the country, or to South America!

Right now it has a Givi Wing Rack on it, with integrated turn signals, and the rear light kit.

If you act within the next ten minutes, I will throw in a 52 Litre Maxia Top case which is pretty well messed up but fully functional. Lock works fine but looks mediocre, some holes drilled, or melted.

If you don't want the rack, we can deal.

I am looking for a good home for a great reliable, somewhat cosmetically challenged bike.

I will post more info on my web site on the weekend.

Features, Factoids, and other ancedotes:

Jet Kit and Emulsifiers I think that's what they are called...
Corbin Seat (leather, color matched, well broken in)
Fresh fork seals
Fresh fork Oil
K&N filters -- Freshly Cleaned
New Honda Coolant the best you can get!
New Brake fluids (brakes pads in good shape front and rear, low miles)
New tall and ergonomic Renthal Bars
New comfy off-road grips
Freshly welded frame!
Oops, did I mention that? hrm... See web site for details...
Front Sprocket Welded to output shaft -- Tell me where you're going now sucker!

Bad Shit for Good People

All that glitters is not gold! In light of full disclosure (more than I get when I buy a bike usually)
I want to let out all of the known flaws.

I'll let the pictures speak to the cosmetics though.

The Countershaft
Wait, you welded the countershaft to the sprocket?
Well, no I did not. Funny thing that, looks like the previous owner did that without my knowing it!
Seems a bit of a turn off!
Then I realized that a sprocket in good shape can last a very long time.
Even though it seems like a questionable thing to do, I decided to take very good care of my chain and simply let it go.
When it's time for a new sprocket, gring off the weld and do it again.

I'm guessing it will easily last until about 70 thousand miles...

I have seen this on more than one TDM as well. I think it must be sensitive to the correct torque for the sprocket
cover bolt, and it looks like there are lots of people who have installed sprockets incorrectly

Welded Frame
The Photo above was taken when the bike was new to me, and I happened to take off the sprocket cover. Surprise!

I just had this fixed last week.

Notice in the enlarged photo above the hairline crack on the frame where the swing arm pivot bolt connects.

This is a "feature" of most of the TDMs that I have seen, and it simply needed to be welded. Then you forget about it and ride your bike all over. Done deal. It looks a bit freaky but it seems to be pretty standard on these bikes.

2630 times this has happened!